Cast Carbon Steel Swing check valve API- 6D

Cast Carbon Steel Swing check valve API- 6D

  • Applications

    These valves are available in a combination of Materials, Sizes, Pressure Classes, End Connections, etc to suit a wide spectrum of Applications, most demanding Service Conditions & high pressure and high temperature conditions, proven over years of service in conventional thermal and nuclear power plants as well as other steam services around the world.

  • Description

    Pressure Rating: #150 / #300 End Connections: Flanged Ends / Butt-Weld Ends

  • Configuration

    Size Range(s): 40-300 MM (1.1/2’’-12’’)

  • Robust one piece construction to withstand the severe shock of check valve service.
  • Short Distance of travel, combined with balanced disc allows rapid closure while minimizing slamming.
  • Tilting & free to rotate Disc Design to avoid localized wear.
  • Flat Seat Design at angle for Longer Life.
  • Can be installed Horizontally, Vertically and Inclined.
  • Ground & lapped seating surface
  • Perfect interchangeability of components
  • Easy to Maintain, Long Life and Trouble Free Operation.

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