• Applications

    Automated chiller plant control for optimizing variable primary flow water-cooled chiller plants. The 9511 works in a variable primary configuration and keeps the entire plant including both air-cooled chillers and chilled water pumps running smoothly.

  • Description

    The Armstrong Integrated Air-Cooled Chiller Plant Control System (IPC) boosts energy efficiencies of new and existing chiller plant installations to leading class levels. The IPC 9511 works with all variable primary configurations, keeping the entire plant - including both air-cooled chillers and chilled water pumps - running at optimum performance and occupant comfort.

  • Configuration

    Integrates with all brands of chillers, pumps, and automation systems. Installs directly with chiller plant equipment. If preferred, the IPC connects seamlessly with any central building automation system (BAS) maintaining full control of the chilled water plant through the BAS Performance range Controls up to five chillers and five pumps. No limitations in plant size and cooling capacity Power Range No limitations in plant cooling capacity

Lowest installed cost

  • Pre-programmed, field-adjustable unit for fast and easy installation directly to chiller plant equipment
  • Software-based commissioning
  • Superior energy performance qualifies for cost recovery under utility and government rebate programs

Lowest operating cost

  • Optimum plant control for up to 50% higher energy efficiency over same age, constant speed chilled water plant
  • More effective and gentle equipment operation for up to 10% in extended equipment life and reduced maintenance expenditures
  • Optional ECO*Pulse™ HVAC health management (including predictive maintenance) for reduced plant failure and downtime
  • Intuitive user interface for expedient operator training and simplified, safer plant operation
  • Remote access through internet connectivity for easy troubleshooting and swift software upgrades with uninterrupted plant operation

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