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    HVAC-system, Industrial, Process

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    The FXV is an extensive line of energy-efficient,induced draft.Closed Circuit Cooling Towers incorporating many innovative features,including BAC’s patented Combined Flow Technology,that deliver superior thermal and mechanical performance.The result provides highly reliable performance with reduced maintenance and operating costs for owners and operators of cooling systems. The FXV Closed Circuit Cooling Tower effectively combines the function of a cooling tower and heat exchanger into one piece of equipment permitting the process fluid temperature to be maintained substantially closer to the wet bulb temperature.The process fluid to be cooled is circulated within a serpentine heat exchanger coil,which is continually wetted on the outside by the spray water system.Water sprayed over the coil falls onto a section of highly efficient wet deck surface where it is cooled before falling into the collecting basin to be recirculated.With the FXV’s Combined Flow Technology,air is drawn simultaneously over the coil and wet deck,causing a portion of the water to evaporate.Any water entrained in the air stream is reclaimed by the drift eliminators and returned to the collecting basin.Evaporation removes heat from the spray water,cooling the coil and the process fluid inside. The only water“consumed”in this process is the amount evaporated plus a small amount of blowdown,which limits the concentration of impurities in the recirculating water.

  • Configuration

    Series FXV Closed Circuit Cooling Towers are available from 29 to 424 nominal tons and up to 1272 USGPM for Process/ HVAC Applications. 1. Optional galvanized and thermal spray coating double protection system The BAC corrosion protection system is a unique system approach to evaporative cooling equipment protection.A special hybrid polymer,formulated for tenacious bonding,toughness,and impermeability to fluid,is applied by electrostatic spray to hot dip galvanized panel and steel surfaces.The polymer undergoes a thermosetting cure process,fuse-bonding to the galvanized steel substrate,which can greatly extend the equipment decorativeness and service life. 2. Optional Type 304 Stainless Steel Construction Type 304 stainless steel Cooling Towers are designed for applications exposed to extremely corrosive conditions or where the longest life is desired.AU steel panels and structural elements,including the structural frames,louver supports,cold water basin, fan deck,and mechanical equipment supports are constructed of Type 304 stainless steel. Optional Cleanable Header Coil For applications that might deposit soluble scale or sludge within the tubes,the cleanable header tube bundle provides removable cover plates on the inlet and outlet header boxes to permit access to each serpentine tube circuit for solvent or air pressure deaning. Tubes are all prime surface steel tubing formed into a serpentine shape and welded into an assembly.Coil material options include carbon steel coils(hot-dip galvanized outside surface)or stainless steel coils. Internal Access Options A galvanized steel walkway enables easy access to inspect basin level items such as the pump strainer,make-up assembly, optional basin accessories and provides a dry working area to view the drive system and heat transfer components.An elevated,galvanized steel internal service platform with aluminum ladder provides a permanent working surface for maintenance personnel to inspect and maintain the mechanical system(including fan belts,drive sheaves and motor).Removable drift eliminators and coil section.

Superior maintenance and accessibility features ensure performance efficiency and protect your investment. • Advanced Coil Technology reduces the tendency for fouling and scale buildup. • Proven design results in reliable,cost effective operation year-round. • Installation advantages reduce costs and offer location and engineering • CTI Certified High Thermal Performance Easy Maintenance The FXV utilizes unique features to increase the accessibility of the unit’s main components.These features eliminate cramped spaces with most service points accessible from outside of the unit.The FXV design builds upon years of operating experience and was designed with input from service personnel. 1. Hinged Access Doors for Easy Entry Provides easy access to unit interior. Standard on both end walls.Easy latch,inward swinging. cxv1 2. Spacious Unit Interior Provides easy access to fan drive system and heat transfer coil.Basin floor is sloped toward the drain to facilitate cleaning.Internal walkway provides a dry working area. 3. Access to Spray Distribution During Full Operation Parallel flow of air and water allow inspection during full operation.Top of coil is accessible during full operation. fxv1

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