• Applications

    HVAC-system, Industrial.

  • Description

    The series CXV evaporative condenser is factory-assembled from standardized parts manufactured under closely-controlled conditions . The induced draft combined flow condensers are designed especially for easy maintenance and long, high thermal performance,wide-spaced, Non-clog Air lnlet Louvers and Sloped Basin Floor superior Maintenance features lower capital investment low scaling tendency trouble-free operation.

  • Configuration

    Series CXV are available from capacity range of 74 to 1888 nominal tons (319 to 11466 kW) for Process/ HVAC Applications. 1. Optional galvanized and thermal spray coating double protection system The BAC corrosion protection system is a unique system approach to evaporative cooling equipment protection.A special hybrid polymer,formulated for tenacious bonding,toughness,and impermeability to fluid,is applied by electrostatic spray to hot dip galvanized panel and steel surfaces.The polymer undergoes a thermosetting cure process,fuse-bonding to the galvanized steel substrate,which can greatly extend the equipment decorativeness and service life. 2. Optional Type 304 and 316 Stainless Steel Construction Type 304 and 316 stainless steel Cooling Towers are designed for applications exposed to extremely corrosive conditions or where the longest life is desired .AU steel panels and structural elements,including the structural frames,louver supports,cold water basin, fan deck,and mechanical equipment supports are constructed of Type 304 and 316 stainless steel.

1. Reliable performance delivered through the innovative combination of two proven heat transfer designs. 2. Efficient year-round evaporative condensing with induced-draft fans in the warm airstream,above the wet areas. 3. Low scaling tendency reduces maintenance requirements and sustains peak performance between service intervals. 4. Extended service intervals due to low scaling tendency,non-clog,wide-spaced air inlet louvers and accessible large-orifice water distribution system. 5. Spacious plenum provides easy maintenance of fan drive system,heat transfer coil and cold water basin. 6. Fewer coil connections,reduced refrigerant charge,and low unit weights minimize installafion costs.

Easy Maintenance

1. Superior Maintenance features The CXV delivers unique and valuablefeatures using proven components.The many maintenance and accessibility features of the CXV eliminate cramped spaces and limited accessibility to~rvice points associated with conventional evaporativecondensers.The CXV design builds upon decades of operating experience,incorporating components that are proven t be durable and simple to maintain. 2. Direct Access To Water Spray System The parallel air and water flows of the CXV allow the spray area to be uncovered(drift eliminators are inside),permitting quick and easy inspection of tile sprays and coils from outside the unit while the CXV is in full operation. 3. Hinged Access Doors for Easy Entry Oversized access doors in end wall provides easy access to the unit interior. cxv1 4. Easy Access to Fan Drive System and Condensing Coil A spacious plenum provides esay access to the fan drive system and the condensing coil through easily PVC eliminators. 5. Sloped Basin Floor Facilitates Cleaning The floor of the water basin is sloped toward the depressed section and the wet deck is elevated to facilitate flushing dirt and debris from this critical area. cvx2  

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