• Applications

    Single Phase-200V & Three Phase- 400V VFD

  • Description

    - High Starting Torque at 150% /200% overload for 0.5 Seconds - Built in Braking Chopper - Stable Operation at low speed - Ambient Temp: 50 Degree C - Built in PID Control Function - Non Linear V/F Pattern - Component Life Time forecast - Built in RS-485 Communication as standard

  • Configuration

    0.1 KW – 15 KW

Optimum Energy Control Motor tuning minimizes power loss

PID Control Function

Permits motor operation while controlling temperature, pressure, and flow rate without the use of a temperature controller or other external device vfd-mini

Cooling Fan ON/OFF Control Function

The cooling fan can be switched off when the fan or pump is not running to reduce both noise and energy consumption

Synchronous Motor Control

Use of sensorless synchronous motor control together with the motor can reduce energy consumption

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