PLC, Programmable Logic Controller

PLC, Programmable Logic Controller

  • Applications

    Provides an environment in which each support tool can be launched by simply clicking on a device in a network structure diagram or system configuration diagram on a PC. Allows setup of parameters and enables remote data monitor operation, thereby eliminating troublesome wiring changes.

  • Description

    With the aid of an upgraded data processing function, mass memory storage, and a built-in Ethernet function, this is capable of monitoring the operation of production systems and devices and recording operation history and errors in addition to conventional FA control. It thus enables you to use the controller for wider applications of IT-based remote monitoring, maintenance support, and preventive maintenance. CPU and power supply redundancy can also be achieved in response to the growing demand for higher reliability.

  • Configuration

    I/O Capacity: DI/DO- 512 nos

  • Power supply- 1 phase 100-240 VAC (-15%/ +10%)
  • Simple & Smart Micro PLC
  • High Performance with “System on Chips”
  • High Speed Counters – 4nos
  • 4 Aces High speed pulse output for NC position control.
  • 16 High Speed Interrups or captured inputs.

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