• Applications

    Non-intrusive flow measurement from the outside of piping

  • Description

    Our ultrasonic flowmeters can be easily mounted even on previously existed piping and measure flow rate without contact to liquid directly. The series employ unique measurement systems that minimize the elect of bubbles in the fluid and feature wide measurement ranges. Duosonics is a new concept ultrasonic flowmeter utilizing pulse Doppler method and transit time method as the worldwide first. Both portable and fixed mount types are available.

  • Configuration

    Transit Time + Doppler method (normal & slurry liquid), pipe range Ø25 to Ø1000mm Measure 2 line flow at same time, pipe range Ø25 to Ø6000mm

Compact & Light Weight

The adoption of the latest electronics and digital signal processing technologies has reduced the size and weithg of the flowmeter by 30% and 30% respectively, in comparison with the fuji conventional portable flowmeter.

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