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    HVAC-system, Industrial.

  • Description

    The NEW Series 3000 Cooling Tower continues its industry leading tradition. With expanded selection flexibility and a capacity increase of up to 16%, the Series 3000 Cooling Tower provides an extremely efficient solution for all your application needs. With a large range of CTI Certified Capacities, Series 3000 Cooling Towers are available from 171 to 1,352 nominal tons and up to 4,500 USGPM for Process Applications. Multiple cell units are also available

  • Configuration

    Series 3000 Cooling Towers are available from 171 to 1,352 nominal tons and up to 4,500 USGPM for Process Applications. Multiple cell units are also available Materials of Construction • Standard Construction G-235 mill galvanized steel is the heaviest commercially available galvanized steel, universally recognized for its strength and corrosion resistance. To assure long-life, a G-235 mill galvanized steel frame, casing panels and louvers is used as the standard material of construction. The structural integrity of the unit is provided by its strong steel frame. Series 3000 standard construction has been seismically verified by shake table testing in an independent laboratory up to an SDS of 1.40g and can withstand wind loads of up to 60 psf, proving its frame construction is designed for extreme durability. With proper maintenance and water treatment, G-235 galvanized steel will provide an excellent service life under the operating conditions normally encountered in comfort cooling and industrial applications. • Stainless Steel (Option) Several Type 304 stainless steel material of construction options are available. • Basinless Unit Construction (Option) The basinless unit construction option enables Series 3000 Cooling Towers to be directly installed on new or existing cold water basins. This custom feature reduces maintenance costs by eliminating the integral basin from traditional units. It simplifies piping and pumping requirements of multi-cell installations, eliminates concern for basin corrosion, and provides a cost-effective solution for many field-erected replacement projects. BAC is the only leading evaporative cooling equipment manufacturer to provide basinless construction for factory assembled equipment. • Seismic/Wind Upgraded Structure(Option) Select steel panels and structural members are upgraded for higher seismic and wind load applications. An upgraded Series 3000 is certified to withstand up to an SDS of 3.10g and wind loads of 82 psf. All BAC upgraded units are shake table tested by an independent laboratory to certify the most accurate seismic ratings ensuring that the unit will remain operable following a seismic event. • Standard Steel Casing Panels and Louvers Used with BAC’s durable frame construction, galvanized steel casing panels and louvers offer a more durable corrosion resistant unit. • Stainless Steel/FRP Casing Panels and Louvers (Option) Stainless steel/FRP casing panels and louvers are available in G-235 galvanized steel construction.

  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Easiest to Maintain
  • XE-Series for Extreme Efficiency
  • Most Reliable Year-Round Operation
  • Variety of Materials of Construction
  • Most efficient cooling tower in the industry
  • Up to a 16% increase in capacity
  • Exceeds ASHRAE 90.1-2013 efficiency requirements

Low Environmental Impact

Energy Efficient
  1. Meets or exceeds ASHRAE Standard 90.1 energy efficiency requirements
  2. Premium efficient/inverter duty fan motors
  3. Gravity distribution system with low pump head requirements

Sound Reduction Options

  1. Standard fan is high efficiency and low sound
  2. For further reduced sound levels, Low Sound Fans, Whisper Quiet Fans, and sound attenuation are available options

Easy Maintenance

  • Crossflow configuration provides direct access for easy maintenance
  • BALTIDRIVE® Power Train uses state-of-the-art technology to ease maintenance
  • Patented hygienic cold water basin is sloped at the air intakes to eliminate stagnant water and reduce biological growth
  • Fill surface is elevated above the sloped cold water basin floor to facilitate flushing of dirt and debris
  • Hinged access doors provide easy access to the cold water basin and fan drive system
  • Combined inlet shields block sunlight, reducing the potential for algae growth in the cold water basin (option)
  • Louver face platforms, internal service platforms, and internal walkways simplify maintenance (option)

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Cooling tower 3000 & 1500 Series

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