• Applications

    Energy optimization of HVAC chilled-water plants with partial or all variable speed equipment and an existing building automation system (BAS) or central plant controller.

  • Description

    The Armstrong OPTI-VISOR interfaces seamlessly with any existing building automation to maximize overall plant efficiency – without replacing or reconfiguring existing componentry. The OPTI-VISOR harmonizes the interplay of existing componentry through leading-edge control algorithms for maximum plant performance.

  • Configuration

    Integrates with all brands of chillers, pumps, and building automation systems • Performance range No limitations in plant size and cooling capacity • Power Range No limitations in plant size and cooling capacity

Lowest installed cost

  • Fast and easy installation directly to chiller plant equipment
  • Software-based commissioning

 Lowest operating cost

  • Optimum plant control for up to 30% higher energy efficiency (over a variable primary system) and fast project payback
  • Lower evaporative cooling for 5%+ in water savings
  • ECO*Pulse™ HVAC health management (including predictive maintenance) for reduced plant failure and downtime (free first-year subscription)
  • Intuitive user interface for expedient operator training and simplified, safer plant operation

Download Brochure :

OPTI VISOR_SolutionOutline_Brochure